Technology that helps
companies build great teams.

We make software that harnesses the power of technology and data to connect all the dots in the HR function. Starting with Recruiz ATS and Level Bar Assessment.


A super-intelligent and efficient Applicant Tracking System

Feature-rich, easy to use and intelligent, Recruiz is an intuitive assistant that uses automation, collaboration and analytics to help manage hiring, improve quality and build a great team.

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A good online assessment can reduce time and skip an entire step in recruitment.

Recruiz Assessment is fully customizable, integrates with any platform and comes with its own analytics to take assessment a notch higher.

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Auklabs plans to make the most cutting-edge software for the HR industry.

Our applicant tracking system Recruiz, and assessment platform Level Bar are already in the market, impressing people with the level of detail, customization and analytics that misses nothing. With Recruiz and Level Bar, recruiters can be less busy while building a great team for their organization.

Our Founders

Sajin Sebastian

Sajin’s solution to any problem will have a solid idea in it. He’s always found collaborating and ideating, the reason why he has a talent for solving problems easily and quickly. He loves music, pets, MSD, Cricket, driving in the outskirts, everything edible, the MVP concept, building scalable software and solving real problems.

Thanneermalai L

Thanneer has always been fascinated by computers. He started programming a bit late but it wasn’t long before he was dreaming, eating and talking programming with the passion of an unendingly curious, nerdy problem solver. He likes to work on side projects, debate ideas, pop bubble wraps , watch Ted talks and movies with interesting script and less CG.

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